We come to you! Hawaii's Ergonomic Assessment Provider. Specializing in work-from-home and office settings on Oahu.

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Work-from-home Assessment

The same as our Office Assessment, but in-home. We will make adjustments to your equipment and develop a personalized report with equipment recommendations and body mechanics guidelines on Oahu ($150).

Virtual Assessment

For remote workers worldwide; we now offer video based ergonomic consultation options. All you need is remote video access via phone, computer or tablet ($99).

Information Sessions

Group sessions are available with topics including ergonomics, micro-breaks, stretching how to reduce eye strain and fatigue on Oahu (Inquire).

Office Assessment

Our-in-person ergonomic assessment will evaluate your individual workspace at your office (equipment, accessories, seating, desk and monitors) on Oahu. ($150). Multiple -employee discounts are also available.

Specializing in ergonomic consultation for work-from-home and office settings.

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Experiencing aches & pain at work?

Ergonomic Solutions Made Easy!

Our ergonomic consultation services help to take the mystery, confusion and stress out of solving your work related pain issues.

We have the Solutions you need!

Our solutions help to reduce long term health problems including neck, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sore wrists or shoulders.

Workplaces that promote good musculoskeletal health can play an important role in alleviating these chronic conditions.

Personalized Assessments starting at $99

Complying with ergonomic standards shows that your company is dedicated to the safety and long term health of your employees.

We are committed to providing our island community with the most affordable and up to date ergonomic trends and technologies, starting at just $99.

Experiencing Discomfort on the job?

Musculoskeletal injuries continue to be the most prevalent cause of discomfort and lost time experienced by employees working at computer workstations.

Such injuries can be costly, and can negatively impact worker productivity, retention and job satisfaction.

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We come to you!

We work with local companies and individuals on Oahu, as a mobil team of ergonomic experts

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We have the knowledge and experience to provide ergonomic recommendations at a wide variety of price points with proven ROI

Employee Satisfaction

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business.

Award Winning Service

We are passionate about our work, and our team has been recognized as the islands #1 ergonomic provider

We are a partnership of Hawaii's leading ergonomic experts, committed to providing our island community with the most affordable and up to date ergonomic trends and technologies.

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How we’ve helped our clients

We've partnered with many local companies in Hawaii to deliver cost effective ergonomic insights and solutions to their businesses.


Increase in Productivity


Reduction in Turnover


Decrease in Absenteeism

"Our office is running so much smoother now. The new setup provides us with the comfort we had been hoping for! I can’t recommend Hawaii Ergonomics enough."

Kai Matsumoto (BSB)

"Hawaii Ergonomics has done an amazing job. I cannot say enough about how well the consultants have revolutionized our employees work environment."

Ted Hadfield (MBI)

"I am now working pain-free, thanks to these work space solutions. This team is extremely knowledgeable about body mechanics and ergonomic products."

Karen Uehira (BSBA)

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