The Benefits of Ergonomics

Did you know 70% of the workforce in Hawaii reports suffering from some sort of discomfort while completing daily job requirements?

Understanding and enhancing workplace productivity is crucial in an era where business efficiency is not just desired but required. For business owners, the goal is clear: optimize performance in every aspect of operations.

With worker discomfort comes lower productivity, increased absenteeism, and high workers’ compensation costs.

Ergonomic workstations not only reduce the risk of injury caused by poor posture and repetitive movements, they are also proven to increase employee focus, engagement, and productivity.

An ergonomic assessment is the first step towards identifying and eliminating risk factors for your employees and creating an ergonomic workplace where your team can thrive.

How will you benefit?

Minimize your risk of developing chronic conditions like carpal tunnel, sciatica and lower back pain and allow yourself to feel more comfortable, relaxed and productive at your desk.

Injury Reduction
Workplace Wellness
Increased Productivity

Ergonomic Science

The cornerstone of ergonomics is the design of workspaces that resonate with workers’ strengths, abilities, and comfort. A holistic ergonomic approach reduces the chances of musculoskeletal issues, chronic discomforts, and even more severe workplace injuries.

Improper workstation setup can cause disorders including carpal tunnel syndrome, neck, arm and back pain.

These can become chronic, debilitating & painful conditions over time; affecting muscles, tendons and nerves.

Medication, heating pads, massage and chiropractic and physical therapy costs can add up fast and don’t actual solve the root cause of your work related pain.

Ergonomic science modifies the work environment, reduces the risk of developing pain and enables you to feel related, comfortable and more productive at your work station.

Statistically proven benefits included, increased workplace comfort, productivity, health and carrer longevity.

Our services also include OSHA based workplace risk assessments, equipment trials, stretching classes, body mechanics training and employee education sessions. No information is shared with any outside agencies.

Ergonomics shows that your company is committed to the safety and long term health of your employees. At Ergonomic Educators/Hawaii Ergonomics, our dedicated ergonomics staff are ready to provided the ergonomic solutions that your business needs to save money, reduce injury and increase productivity!



Increase in Productivity


Reduction in Turnover


Decrease in Absenteeism