Office Assessments

Our onsite ergonomic assessments will review your employee's desk set-up and conduct a comprehensive ergonomic risk assessment.

We also adjust equipment to improve employee biomechanics and comfort, identify tools, equipment, and space modifications for further improvement and produce comprehensive assessment reports and equipment recommendations to be considered.

We are not an equipment vendor and has no external incentive to recommend equipment. We try to use available equipment in the workplace to make ergonomic corrections whenever possible. When an item is not available, we have an excellent network of equipment vendors.

We visit your Office

Office Ergonomic Assessment

On Oahu, we evaluate your individual work-pace setup (equipment, accessories, seating, desk and displays. multiple -employee discounts are also available on Oahu Only.

We help employees identify risk factors, implement immediate solutions if possible, develop a recommendation plan, and train your employee on equipment use and how to avoid an injury.

We will make suggestions and show each employee how to improve poor work techniques and habits and we will demonstrate during the evaluation proper ways to adjust the height of user’s chair, keyboard, mouse, and discuss the correct distance the monitor should be placed from user

We will generate a personalized written report and provide product recommendations and suggestions.

As an option we can provide follow-up support to assure your employee knows how to use their new furniture or equipment properly, or to just make sure they are healthy, happy, and all of their issues have been addressed.

Hawaii Ergonomics can also provide full-service ergonomics management support to your employees. We work with individuals to design an ergonomics plan, and then follow up to ensure the program is being followed and that the issues have been addressed successfully. Plus, we provide final reports to the people who need them, further ensuring the success of your ergonomics program.

We bring a wealth of ergonomics expertise to every program, and we continue to support you in successfully executing your existing protocols and establishing best practices within your employee population.