Our Team

We are a trusted and established partnership of Hawaii's leading ergonomic experts committed to providing our island community with the most affordable and up to date ergonomic trends and technologies.

We are fortunate to have a team of trained experts who care about your success. We are full credentialed and licensed industry consulting leaders in ergonomic design

Our method is to never assess a workstation alone, but to assess a client's postural and biomechanical habits within his or her workstation and make changes to both of these elements.

We are not an equipment vendor and has no external incentive to recommend equipment. We try to use available equipment in the workplace to make ergonomic corrections whenever possible. When an item is not available, we have an excellent network of equipment vendors.

Hawaii Ergonomics

At Hawaii Ergonomics, our dedicated ergonomics staff are ready to provide the ergonomic solutions that your business needs to save money, reduce injury and increase productivity!

The depth and breadth of our ergonomics expertise is second to none. We’ve developed proven solutions for every industry and in every workplace setting. Each project is led by a board-certified ergonomist and supported by a robust team of professionals.

Our team of certified professionals are available to support your ergonomics process in a variety of capacities. From on-demand consulting to virtual workshops, our decades of experience give your organization exactly what it needs to maintain momentum.

Hawaii ergonomics does not sell products, nor do we receive commissions. Quite simply we focus first on use of existing equipment and then provide you an objective assessment with unbiased recommendations. Our interest is pure. No gimmicks.

Our team holds Masters and Doctoral degrees and are educated on musculoskeletal disorders and symptoms, proper positioning, and effective use of office equipment and furniture.