Work-from home

Our personalized ergonomic assessment can increase productivity and employee comfort, and synchronize your work-from-home workspace, Make telecommuting more effective and free up valuable mental & physical real estate so the user can concentrate on tasks at hand.

We are not an equipment vendor and has no external incentive to recommend equipment. We try to use available equipment in the workplace to make ergonomic corrections whenever possible. When an item is not available, we have an excellent network of equipment vendors.

Work from Home

Work-from-home Evaluation

We will visit your work-from-home workspace and make on-the-spot recommendations and adjustments to your equipment. A personalized report with recommendations for additional equipment, positioning and body mechanics will also be included.

We help employees identify risk factors, implement immediate solutions if possible, develop a recommendation plan, and train your employee on equipment use and how to avoid an injury. .

We will demonstrate through instruction how to properly adjust their chair, keyboard, mouse, monitors, laptops, and iPads, etc.

As an option we can provide follow-up support to assure your employee knows how to use their new furniture or equipment properly, or to just make sure they are healthy, happy, and all of their issues have been addressed.